Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Glory of Autumn - Update #7

Happy New Year. It's hard to believe another decade has come and gone much less another year. It doesn't seem all that long ago everyone was making a big deal about the new millennium but here we are, 10 years into it already.

Here are some progress pictures of where I was on New Year's day. Hey, it only toke me six days to post them, that means I am getting quicker at it.

I managed to get a fair amount done the week before Christmas once I had everything ready for Christmas. With my sister down for the holiday I didn't get any done that week but just after the New Year I had a few days to make some more progress before heading back to work which isn't in these pictures, but that will have to be another update. And since I haven't taken any new pictures yet you know that means it will be at least six days away ;).

January 1, 2010

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  1. You're making great progress, I love the effect of the different colours in the trees! :)