Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shell Wreath - June 19/09

There had been a few weeks of where I wasn't making much progress on the Shell Wreath; however, this weekend wasn't the best weather so I made some good strides. I still haven't started the new project which amazes me as I like to start new projects and try new things but I am really wanting to complete the Shell Wreath first. This doesn't mean I can't have multiple projects going in the future, I just want to try to complete this one first.

Shell Wreath - June 19/09

I have prepared a few things for the next project though, such as sorting the floss. I have also been working on ways to make the next project easier. I've read alot online about not marking the orginal pattern pages which I did on the Wreath. I now know why they tell you to photocopy the orginal pattern as it is quite tattered already and this is only a (relatively) small project. It is getting hard to read in some spots (like where the creases are which have begun to rip). This past week I finally decided to setup my new printer (which has been sitting there for monthes) as it would have colour printing and to my surprise (mainly because I forgot about it), it also is a scanner which worked perfect for making copies of the pattern. So I did figure out how to scan it, enlarge the pattern, and print it in colour (the orginal comes in colour). I also found that when I stitch I like to sit back and have the pattern leaning against my leg (which I have up) and the sheet constantly falls down (and now can't be read) so I am going to try and take the copies and paste them onto cardboard so they will be more stiff and (hopefully) stand up more against the leg and make it easier to write. I'll let you know how well this works.

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