Friday, December 28, 2012

Baby Annoucement - Update #2

Christmas is over and the new year is about to begin.  When I reflect back on 2012, it has been a very good year.  The best, in fact, for me.  But as I look forward to 2013, it sure seems like this year won't compare with what is to come.

We toke advantage of the Boxing Day sales this week and bought the baby furniture for the baby room.  Half the furniture is on back order and will take awhile to arrive (guess that is what happens when you buy items on such a big sale), but we still have time, so it's no big deal.  Today, we setup the crib and chair for the baby room.  It seems to be more real with each passing day.  In just five short months, we will be welcoming home our child.

I have been working on the baby announcement cross stitch for 3 weeks now.  This past week with Christmas, not much was done but I had taken a progress picture after two weeks.  I nearly have the first bear done, which is very quick for me.  I just hope that I will have it done in time for the baby.

December 21, 2012

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