Saturday, December 8, 2012

Glory of Autumn - Update #9

Wow!!!  I can't believe it has been a year and a half since I've posted anything on my cross stitch blog.  The time has flown by, but I know exactly where it all went.  While I might not have done much stitching, this has been the most productive year and a half of my life.  During this time I have meet the most wonderful women I have ever seen, Elly.  She has brought such joy and meaning into my life, I can't possibly put it into words.  This past summer, we got married and went to Jamaica for our honeymoon.  On top of that, work has also being going very well as I have been working towards becoming a partner at my accounting firm and hope to fulfil that dream as well in the next few months.  There are more changes...but I'll save that for in a couple of posts  ;).

 But I have managed to do some more cross stitching in the mean time.  The past month I have put some effort back into Glory of Autumn and made a lot of progress.  I couldn't believe that I had not picked this project up since January 2010, almost three years.  It has been fun to pick it up again and the season (fall) was right for it too.  However, I need to put this one away again for awhile as I need to get to work on a new project!!!

Here is the update picture.  As you can see, I have completed the right side of the design and working my way across to the left on the bottom.  I hope it won't be so long before I continue on it, I am now more then half way through it and can't wait to finish one of these larger projects.

December 6, 2012

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