Saturday, December 8, 2012

I had not done any cross stitching for about a year at the time, but in April I decided I wanted to get back into it as a way to deal with some stress.  I do find that cross stitching a very relaxing hobby as it frees my mind from any worries and anxieties.  However, I wanted to be able to get something done fairly quickly to re-motivate me so I didn't want to pick up either Glory of Autumn or Silent Flight as those two are a long way from being done.  So I decided to start fresh with Mariner's Light and began it in April and finished it in November.  With all the wedding, honeymoon, and moving planning going on, I feel this was fairly quick, at least for me.  This one was done on 18 count cloth and is 5" x 7".

Unfortunately, a couple of months ago our computer crashed and we lost our hard drive where I kept most of my progress pictures.  So all I have to show for this project is the picture I toke before doing the back stitching and the completed picture.  I still need to take it to the framers, so I might most one more of it hanging on the wall later.

October 2012 (Pre-back stitching)
November 2012 (Complete)

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